Katie Austin Searches for a ‘Bandaid’

Growing up dancing in her Louisiana hometown, Katie Austin has always had a knack for entertainment in her blood. Somewhere along the way dancing became singing, and from there Austin was hooked on the idea of making this dream so much more than just that. Now living in Nashville, Austin has continued to hone her craft as an artist and a writer, as she continues to chart her own unique path amongst the litany of artists in Music City.

Austin got her musical start “singing anywhere they would let” her, gathering stage experience and bringing her dance background to the forefront as she engages with the audience. Once Austin made the move to Nashville she felt she “had to play catch up” and “fell into the comparison game” while trying to find her way. Austin has taken those lessons to heart and has started to embrace what makes her different amidst a sea of seemingly sameness.

Austin’s new single, Bandaid is a great example of what makes her such a special and unique artist. Austin recalls bringing the self proclaimed “crazy song idea” to Jenna LaMaster, and Austin is beyond “grateful for all of the artists and writers that let (her) run with her out of the box ideas.” Bandaid is an incredibly smart concept and masterfully craft track that puts listeners squarely in their emotions throughout the duration of the at times all too relatable track.

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