Tori Tullier Makes Splash with Debut Ep, ‘Baby Steps’

A beautifully penned and delivered EP, fit for the inner creative in all of us, Tori Tullier’s Baby Steps is the very definition of a songwriter’s album. Filled with majestic imagery and authentic, honst songwriting Baby Steps has all the makings of a project bound to make a splash. Tullier’s personal stamp is on this project from top to bottom, as each of the six songs on the project masterfully toe the lie between personal and relatable, ultimately finding a happy and human medium.

Things I Won’t Forgot starts the project off with a heartbreaking note, as Tullier tries to move past the past but just can’t seem to. As hard as she tries, Tullier can’t seem to shake the past and is constantly drawn back into this failed relationship. Lesson offers perspective amidst the horror of heartbreaking, while Tullier knows that right now her wounds are still raw, she hopes that one day she’s able to look back on this relationship as a stepping stone, a growing up experience on her road to something better.

Songbird is a beautiful ode to the dreamer in all of us, as Tullier urges herself and others to keep creating and growing in a world that at times seems determined to stifle dreams and creativity. Tullier’s vocal on Songbird exudes the strength packed in the lyrics and creates one of the project’s shining moments.

Surrender features Tullier falling in love despite her best efforts not to, Tullier’s internal conflict is moving and relatable to anyone reluctant to fall back in love and risk getting heartbroken again. Autopilot picks up where Surrender left off, as Tullier tries move past her trust issues and learn to love again. The up-tempo track is refreshing and introspective, as Tullier once again tells a story that is both personal and deeply relatable.

Baby Steps closes the project with a deeply personal and empowering moment, as Tullier takes Baby Steps to regain her power and sense of self. Tullier admits that her self discovery will be a process and she’s more than willing to walk this road towards empowerment regardless of how long it may take.

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