‘Wings’ Jaden Michaels (Review)

A truly stunning and beautiful ode to the joys of motherhood, Wings is a remarkable new track from Jaden Michaels. Wings focuses in on Michaels’ angelic view of her newborn baby, Michaels’ uses detail and metaphors to paint a picture that is as breathtaking as it is lovely. Wings masterfully merges the personal with the relatable, and Michaels’ does a tremendous job orating the song’s timeless message.

Wings shows off Michaels’ tremendous storytelling ability and her penchant for crafting songs that hold a true and meaningful message. Michaels’ sticks in the blissful moment throughout Wings, casting aside any worries about what the future may hold Michaels’ songwriter roots The laid back production style allows Michaels’ gorgeous voice to ring clear and drive home the importance of this wonderfully woven track.

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