Spencer Crandall Opens Up About Mental Health on New Single, ‘K(no)W Better’

Deeply personal and highly relatable, Spencer Crandall’s brand new single, K(no)w Better, is a brutally honest and open look at the mental health struggles that plague so many of us. Crandall uses his personal experiences as a way to connect with listeners, and affords them the comfort necessary to share their own stories of struggle, triumph, or somewhere in between. Crandall’s genre-bending leanings are on full display throughout the track, sure to hit close to home to many. Crandall’s vulnerability shows off a new side of the rising star, best known for viral  love songs like My Person and Made.

Crandall’s pop soaked, and angst filled vocal is top notch and helps elevate the important message of the song to new heights. As evidenced by the title the song follows in the footsteps of many double meaning songs released around the country world over the past few months, but Crandall’s addition to the trend is one of the best and most powerful songs of the bunch. 

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