Madeline Consoer Reflects on Lost Love on New Single ‘How Do I Not.”

Learning how to move while still in love is one of life’s most unenviable tasks, Madeline Consoer beautifully explores this heartbreaking concept on her brand new single, How Do I Not. Trying her hardest to move beyond the past in spits of all of the memories that surround her, Consoer allows her nostalgia to take hold as she let’s the alcohol take control, and the glorified image of her ex take center stage in her mind. No matter where she turns Consoer simply cannot escape these loving memories, and doing so has morphed into a fool’s quest of sorts.

How Do I Not. is an awfully relatable track, one that allows listeners to attach their own difficulties moving to Consoer’s masterfully penned version. How Do I Not. beautifully pushes the boundaries of country music and produces a sound that is fresh and vivacious, allowing Consoer’s artistic vision to come to life throughout the incredible compelling track.

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