“Every Word of the Song is True” Jaylee Gandy Shares Truthful, Personal Journey ‘Hand Me Downs’

Born and raised in Lubbock, the center of the Texas country scene, Jaylee Gandy was naturally surrounded by music from the day she was born. Gandy who admittedly “is not good at expressing emotions,” found her emotional and creative outlet in the art of songwriting. Gandy was able to find her voice in music, and discover a way to share her story with the world.

Gandy describes her musical style as “ballady vocal with a natural twang to it,” and cites leading modern country females such as Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde as formative influences for the music she creates. Gandy receives the majority of her inspiration from her Texas upbringing, and has crafted a musical style that has a best of both worlds feel to it, one that feels fresh, youthful, and authentic.

Gandy’s debut single, Hand Me Downs is a beautiful ode to her upbringing, Gandy remarks that “every word of this song is true we didn’t alter any details.” Gandy’s honeyed vocals are on full display and draw listeners into the stunningly beautifully written track. It’s this brutal honesty and willingness to learn that allows Gandy to continue “to roll with punches,” and push back against whatever challenges the industry throws at her young and budding career.

Gandy will return to school for her senior year in just a few weeks, but already has plans for new music in the months ahead!

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