Jordana Bryant Outlines Relationship Dealbreakers on New Single ‘Country Music’

Oozing with a tremendous amount of confidence, Jordana Bryant’s new single, is the prefect upbeat, mid-summer track for lovers of the genre. The Riser House artist, and social media star, outlines her ideal man clearly and without reservation, as perfect as the guy she’s seeing may seem, Bryant simply cannot get past the fact that he does not listen to Country Music. The track is filled with a fun and exuberant energy, displaying the youthful and energetic infusion that Bryant and others have brought to the genre.

Lyrically, Country Music merges fun and serious and shows off Bryant’s innate ability to pen songs that relate to her audience. Bryant’s artistic depth and growth is also evident throughout Country Music, as the 17 year old leans into the track’s rocking, up-tempo vibe. Bryant’s vocal is top notch as well, adding the finishing touches to the masterfully penned, and produced track.

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