6-Pack of Songs (July 25th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Girls Like Boats, Brandy Neelly- A fun and upbeat, perfect for summer track, Girls Like Boats is a shining moment for Neelly. The song’s conversational and light hearted energy, allows listeners to relax and enjoy Neelly’s majestic vocal and lyrical abilities, throughout a simple, yet extremely engaging track about girls and boats. Girls Like Boats is a perfect track to usher in the rest of the summer.

5: My Ex Came Over Last Night, Trey Lewis- Trey Lewis continues to shine, and his new single My Ex Came Over Last Night is an all too relatable track about falling back into old vices and relationships. Lewis’ gravely vocal and the track’s fresh production style work extremely well together, creating a song that is perfect for the little bit of country angst we all have somewhere inside of us. Lewis’ penchant for honest songwriting is on display throughout the song that may just be his best release so far.

4: I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight, Riley Green- A slight departure from Green’s traditionalist roots, I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight leans into Green’s rocking edges. Lyrically, the song has all the makings of a classic country hit, but it’s the up-tempo energy that separates it from the pack and shows listeners a new side of Green. The sad nature of the lyrics mixed with the upbeat production creates a cool dynamic for listeners to decipher while listening, keeping them engaged throughout the sure to be hit.

3: Wild Thing, Josh Kerr- Love is truly a Wild Thing and trying to understand every last bit of what it does and how it makes us feel is most definitely a losing battle. Wild Thing is a reflective track on a long lost love, and the bright fire of love that has since gone iced cold. Kerr runs through the list of memories they made together like kissing in the aisle at CVS, and how that young, romanticized feeling has since faded, for at least one of the parties. Wild Thing is a top notch song from both a lyrical and production standpoint, as Kerr buries himself in nostalgia and reflection.

2: Mr. Saturday Night, Jon Pardi- Jon Pardi seemingly cannot be stopped at the moment. Bringing back traditional sounding country music, Mr. Saturday Night is yet another example of the timelessness of Pardi’s Bakersfield influenced style. Pardi, stooped in sadness, is more than willing to put a show for all to see, morphing into Mr. Saturday Night, all so his friends never find out just “how much (I) missed her Saturday Night.” The double meaning of the title continues the trend throughout country music, one which Pardi pulls off masterfully.

1: Tears the Size of Texas, Ben Burgess- No one leaned into sadness this week quite the way Ben Burgess did on Tears the Size of Texas. Burgess begins the song with a stern warning to his potential suitors that the outlaw in his blood will undoubtedly leave them all “crying Tears the Size of Texas,” as he has left many before. However, towards the end of the track there is a shift as Burgess begins to reflect and change course as he’s now a “desperado fittin’ to learn his lesson” and look for love that’ll stick around, as it’s Burgess that has been “crying Tears the Size of Texas” while looking back on what he’s done.

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