Alison Elena Reflects, Offers Fresh Perspective on ‘Burned It Down”

Breakups aren’t always as simple as they may look from the outside looking in. Alison Elena masterfully explores this idea on her brand new single, Burned It Down, which contemplates the idea of shared blame and half truths in the aftermath of love’s demise. Elena offers a fresh and refreshing perspective on a classic breakup song. Lyrically, Burned It Down cuts like a knife to the recently heartbroken and those still trying feverishly to heal the wounds left from love gone wrong. The stripped back nature of the production allows Elena’s beautifully tender and vulnerable vocals to rise to the forefront and foster lingering emotions amongst listeners.

Instead of throwing shade, or taking all of the blame on herself, Elena realizes that it usually takes two to fall in love and two fall out of love. Elena, looking to move on and put her best foot forward following a breakup, doesn’t correct her friends when they place all the blame for the breakup at the feet of Elena’s ex. While in theory this may make Elena’s moving on easier, she ends up being consumed by the guilt of partial truths and her own role in the demise. Elena spends the track wondering what she could’ve done differently do avoid the dreadful, rock and a hard place, like scenario she now finds herself in.

Elena continues to show off the heartfelt lyricism that makes her such a special rising talent with Nashville and beyond and we can’t wait to hear more!

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