Megan Moroney Shows Off Star Factor On Debut EP, “Pistol Made of Roses”

When you first hear Megan Moroney’s voice, her potential for stardom is seemingly limitless. Once you couple her raspy, gravely voice with her sometimes weighty and sometimes down right sassy lyrics, you realize that Moroney has what it takes to be one of country music’s next megastars. The Georgia native’s debut EP, Pistol Made Of Roses, dropped this past Friday and displayed all of Moroney’s many sides, which come together to form a surefire star in the making.

I Love Me, the project’s opener, is an unashamedly confident track, on which Moroney refuses to seek out her worth or value through the validation of others, instead showing off an extreme confidence in exactly who she is whether or not others like it. I Love Me kicks the project off on a fun and sassy note.

Hair Salon, Moroney’s breakout viral hit, is the next track and shows off some of the sadness hidden behind the glossy opening of I Love Me. Hair Salon is masterfully penned track and shows off Moroney’s artistic depth and creativity, all while getting listeners addicted to her small town Hair Salon drama.

Til It All Goes South is the coolest sounding track on the project, as Moroney revels in the bask of love fading away until the moment it finally goes south. Moroney’s vocal is top notch throughout the project but there is something extra special about the way she holds the notes throughout the longing chorus of Til It All Goes South.

Fix You Too is a track that displays strength on Moroney’s part as she resists the urge to start a relationship with a fixer upper, bound to break her heart or her his. Moroney knows that she can make this man love her the way she deserves, but knowing that she herself needs work, she resists the urge and instead lets this lust never mature past that point. Moroney’s introspection is honest and authentic allowing listeners a window into her mindset and her struggles.

He Made Me Do It shows off the Miranda Lambert sized angst within Moroney. The attempted murder song walks the line between sassy and angry incredibly well, and may just be the standout moment on a project chock full of great songs. Moroney, sick and tired of cheating men is willing to whatever it takes to rid her life of them, even if it means facing potential legal consequences.

Keep The Flowers once again shows off Moroney’s strength, as she refuses to take back her cheating ex or the flowers he so dutifully brought to try to make her forgive him. Moroney, however has seen more than enough of this movie, and tells her ex just where he can shove his flowers, as she is down riding this merry go round of a relationship, and has found the courage to tell him, bluntly “I’ll keep my last name and you can keep the flowers.” The way Moroney holds the final note of the project is stunning and leaves listeners wishing the project didn’t have to end.

Pistol Made of Roses is a tremendous and wide ranging introduction to Moroney as an artist and human and allows listeners to feel the full range of emotion along with Moroney. We can’t wait to her what she has in store next!!!

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