Hannah Strumner Gets Vulnerable on New Album

Using music as an outlet to escape school bullying, Hannah Strumner found something special within herself, the ability to put words and melodies to the feelings consuming every inch of her mind. Strumner recalls sitting down and playing the piano and “pretending” to make her songs, and just playing around until something ultimately clicked. The 20 year old Idaho Native, has found a sound and resolute authenticity that sticks out amongst her peers.

Strumenr describes her music as a blend of country, with pop and rock elements, interspersed throughout. Strumner’s sound is unique and her honest vocals take center stage on very song she sings. On her upcoming album, Strumner opens up about issues like bullying, in a way that is both therapeutic for her and inspiring to those living similar realities. Strumner remembers, Cool School the song written about bullying, falling out of her in mere hours, where others on the project took far longer to write, which goes to show that oftentimes the most honest songs are the ones that fall out with the least amount of effort.

Strumenr is looking forward to the release of her album this Saturday and “showing off a new side” of herself to fans and new listeners alike. Strumener hopes that listeners walk away from her project feeling heard and understood.

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