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Afton Prater Looks to Break Country Stereotypes with New Single, “Barbed Wire”


What started of as singing jingles for local Pacific Northwest car dealerships, has morphed into so much more for Afton Prater. The Washington State native has always been enamored with country music and the country lifestyle, so when the opportunity to move to Nashville to make music presented itself, Prater jumped at it. Prater can’t recall a time she wasn’t singing in some shape or form, and now that she gets to do it for a living, Prater feels more than “blessed.”

Carving out a musical style, she describes as the “female version of Luke Combs,” Prater has set to break the stereotype that some aspects of country music belong to men alone. Focusing in on topics like fishing and hunting, Prater has shown that these activities aren’t only enjoyed by men, but by many women as well. Prater’s lowkey and authentic vocals allow her to get her point across in a clear and convincing fashion, hooking listeners into her own little brand of country music.

Prater’s new single, Barbed Wire, dropped today, and on it Prater shines as a storyteller and lyricist, gripping listeners with her edgy but sweet style of country music. Prater plans to release lots of new music in the months to come as well as continue to play shows around Nashville and elsewhere.

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