“Music Is All I’ve Ever Wanted to Do” Emily Roth Chases Dreams to Nashville

Emily Roth cannot recall a time when music was not her path forward. From a young age, the North Carolina native remembers putting on a shows for her family and dreaming of a future performing for so many more adoring fans. Although she attended college in North Carolina, Roth never saw any alternative to living out her musical dreams.

While in college and working, Roth came to the realization that in order to push forward and making her musical dreams more than just that, she had to quit her job and shift her focus towards music. While, initially met with feelings of trepidation, Roth recalls the confidence boost she received when she was able to “book 13 shows” on the day she quit her job, which inspired her to continue pushing forward and eventually make Nashville her home last December.

Roth’s musical style pulls from a wide array of influences from around the musical world. Roth is not limited by genre and allows her wide spanning musical influences to create something fresh and unique. Roth’s debut single, Meet Me Tennessee is a deep exploration of Roth’s fears about leaving her life in North Carolina behind and moving to Nashville. Roth wonders whether her boyfriend will meet her in Tennessee and also wonders if she’s making a mistake by leaving home behind.

Roth, still a self-professed “newbie” to the Nashville scene is looking forward to meeting and working with more people in the months ahead, along with getting ready to pump out new music.

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