Stu Basham Brings Jam Band Feel to Country

From being gifted his first guitar at the age of five or six, Stu Basham never looked back when it came to pursuing his love for music and working to make it into so much more. Basham’s musical style is fresh and unique, as he molds modern country influences with a Dave Matthews style feel. Basham’s new single, Hits Like A Girl, exemplifies this style articulately, as Basham shines as a storyteller on the fun track sure to induce toe-tapping amongst listeners.

Recently we had the chance to chat with Basham about his musical style, new single, and more.

Worlds of Country: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Stu: I knew it when I got a super cheap kids keyboard for Christmas when I was 5 or 6 probably and wanted to learn to play as fast as I could. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do after that. I studied aviation and learned to fly planes for a while but that was always a backup plan. I gave that up after getting a few ratings and decided to really give music a shot.

Worlds of Country: Once you knew what was your first step towards making this dream a reality?

Stu: I’ve taken a long and winding road to making things happen in music. I moved to Denver cause at the time I was really into Pop and jam band music and Denver was blowing up with live music. I met my wife there and we moved to NYC for 6 years. It wasn’t until we were living in NYC when I got bit by the country bug. I started diving into the genre and fell in love with all these songwriters and artists who have such amazing skills at telling stories. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

So I started writing a ton as if it was my job. I woke up super early every morning and wrote songs and then went to work. I listened to podcasts and interviews with people in the industry who just said to focus on writing great songs. So that’s what I did. Over the past couple years I’ve written hundreds of songs. We moved to Nashville in 2020 right before Covid hit and I continued writing and producing new songs at home. Now I’m finally ready to share them with the world.

Worlds of Country: How would you describe your musical style?

Stu: I love country and I still have a huge appreciation and love for Dave Matthews Band. So my goal is to create a sound that combines the two like a Jam band country sound with the primary focus being good songs and a rocking live show.

Worlds of Country: Who most influenced this style of music?

Stu: For sure it’s Dave Matthews Band but in terms of the actual songs and songwriting I’m heavily influenced by Old Dominion, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, and so many others.

Worlds of Country: What’s the story behind your new single, Hits Like A Girl?

Stu: It started with the title and I knew I wanted a spin on words as that is the hook of the whole thing but it took a 2nd try on the lyrics for it to actually be any good. I almost gave up on it in 2020. I tried writing it, but it just didn’t work and then early in 2021 I said this is too good of an idea to have it sit there so I gave it another shot and tried to create this up-tempo, fun country song that people can dance to at a show or make them feel sexy or wanted. I wanted to spin the song like a girl is some type of drug and nothing hits like that.

Worlds of Country: What’s next for you?

Stu: I’m currently promoting this song but in a couple weeks I’ll be releasing my next single for the summer called “Sucker for a Good Time”. Another up-tempo country song that’ll get you moving and drinkin.

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