6-Pack of Songs (July 5th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: All Summer, Little Big Town- Summer love!!, All Summer remarks on the thrill and ease of a summer fling, even if it were to not last. Little Big Town’s trademark harmonies are on full display throughout this complete earworm of track. All Summer is a very pleasing and intriguing listen for listeners of all musical palates.

5: Country On, Luke Bryan- It’s time to put your Country On! Luke Bryan pays homage to the hardworking country lifestyle throughout his new single Country On. Country On is an example of Bryan at his best, as he is able to paint a clear picture for listeners to envision while taking in this moving track.

4: Just Like July, Anslee Davidson- There’s a certain mystique about early July fireworks that is akin to that fresh feeling of falling in love. July and young love both symbolize a carefree, if not naïve outlook on life, as in both cases we try to live in the moment and escape from the looming reality ready to keep us on check. Anslee Davidson articulates this feeling beautifully on her new single, Just Like July, Davidson’s use of imagery is on point and her vocal masterfully drives home the lost in the moment nature of the song.

3: Girl Wonder, Taylor Edwards- Not typically one to spend all day thinking about a boy, Taylor Edwards is perplexed when she finds herself doing just that. So enthralled about a potential future with this guy she just met, even if these thoughts may ultimately be to her determent, Edwards can’t help but daydream. Vocally Edwards’ is straight up incredible throughout this track, while the post-chorus melody is nothing short of addictive.

2: After Me, Morgan Johnston- If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be with someone after they’ve lost you, After Me is the perfect elixir for the use ever longing thoughts. On After Me, Johnston wonders what lessons her ex may have learned from their relationship’s demise, and is curious to the point of wondering what it would be like if she was the one to see him as the finished and matured project he is now, instead of putting in all the work only for some else to reap the benefits of her labor. Lyrically After Me is smart and contemplative, offering a fresh and nuanced take on the classic breakup song, and Johnston’s tender vocal adds the dynamic needed to elevate After Me to the next level.

1: Fireworks, Gray Robinson- Play with fire and you’re gonna get burned! Gray Robinson learned this lesson the hard way when it comes to love. Falling into a relationship that was seemingly doomed from the word go, Robinson just couldn’t resist the urge to bring herself close to the flames and await the downfall. Now equipped with a keen knowledge of just how Fireworks, Robinson reflects on this relationship in her reflective and irresistible new single. From the smart lyrics to the intoxicating hookiness, Fireworks has all the makings of a hit in the making.

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