Peytan Porter Lets Listeners Know Inner Thoughts On Debut EP ‘In My Head’

With a distinct earthy feel and near violent snap backs to reality, Peytan Porter loudly announced her candidacy for her Nashville’s best new artist with her debut EP, In My Head. Beautifully tiptoeing the tightrope between personal and relatable throughout a thoroughly delectable project. Featuring seven songs the project touches on everything from love to heartbreak and explores areas in between and far beyond, making it one of the year’s most all encapsulating projects to date.

Why We Broke Up kicks off the project on a rocking yet somber note, as Porter finds herself questioning her last breakup, and wondering if it would be worth to give this relationship another shot. Knowing full well it will only leave her feeling broken, Porter can’t seem resist the urge to wonder what could’ve been.

Champagne Problems is a track filled with sass and a hint of righteous indignation, giving it the feel of a country Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, as Porter resents well to do individuals airing their grievances when so many others problems, while so many others dream of having their problems.

First Stone is a sentimental and moving track about the need for love and kindness in a world so often tilted away from those principles. Porter pleads with listeners to see the humanity within each other and to resist the urge to throw the First Stone.

You Go Girl is possibly my favorite track on the project as Porter gets introspective about her tendency to run away from relationships even if they’re going well. Having been hurt before, Porter simply can’t bring herself to be trusting within a relationship, and laments to her always running away.

Therapy is a moment for empowerment and moving on as Porter finds herself finding herself again following a breakup, that could only best described as one of the best things that have ever happened for her.

Someone’s Love Song features Porter longing for to be Someone’s Love Song as she feels a relationship slipping away. Porter finds peace in knowing that ultimately she will be Someone’s Love Song one of these days, even if that day is not today.

In My Head, the title track and project closer is one of the coolest and most hauntingly crafted songs I’ve heard in a long time. Playing the part of the obsessive girlfriend, Porter lets her mind run wild with concoctions of fabricated realities as to where her boyfriend might be up to. Porter lets her trust issues take control leading her down a path to self destruction, filled with thoughts of imagined grievances.

Porter’s willingness to simply be different and stray from the mainstream in terms of subject matter and lyricism allows her to make a project that is uniquely her own and helps create an extremally enjoyable listening experience for listeners.

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