6-Pack of Songs (June 28th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: 35’s, Tyler Hubbard- Just in time for summer, Tyler Hubbard is ready to slow down and let his 35’s grind to a halt from their constant spinning, throughout this fast paced life. Hubbard stresses the importance of downtime throughout this absolute bop of a song. Considering both 35’s and Hubbard’s debut single 5 Foot 9, the FGL frontman’s solo venture is off to an extremely promising start.

5: Every Night Every Morning, Maddie & Tae- That forever kind of love is extremely rare, and Maddie & Tae beautifully explain just what makes it so special on their brand new single, Every Night Every Morning. Exploring the idea of falling in love all over again, Every Night Every Morning is a blissful listen  for those that have found this  of love and offers hope to all those still searching.From the harmonic brilliance to the honest lyrics, Every Night Every Morning is truly one of the top love songs released so far this year. 

4: I Quit Smokin’, Mae Estes- Over the high of a toxic relationship is done with the hazy feeling accompanied with smoking the smoke of someone you no longer love. While initially enthralled by the highest highs of this love, Estes can’t escape the kind crash that inevitably comes from riding that high, and now she is ready to stand up and walk out of this relationship which has gone incredibly cold. Estes’ soulful voice is on full display throughout this masterfully penned and all too relatable track.

3: Summer Ain’t The Same, Josh Kerr- Sadboi summer is officially here!! Summer Ain’t The Same reflects on a long lost summer love, as Kerr finds himself wondering what could’ve been and even more so what could still possibly be as he continues to hold out hope for a potential reunion. Kerr lets his former fling know that he’s still the same guy he was when their love was going strong in hopes of that fact making her want to come back. Kerr crafts a vibe that his happy and sad at the same time with this adept production of this track.

2: Last Rodeo, Parker Graye- Feeling love once again slipping through the cracks, Parker Graye just can’t seem to pull away from this relationship that constantly leaves her feeling empty. Graye crafts a hauntingly dreamy western picture throughout this deeply sad track, yet hopefully longing track. Graye admits that no matter what happens she’ll continue to hold out hope for one final chance to make this half baked love edible. Graye tells the heartbreaking story with an intense vulnerability that allows her to connect deeply with her audience.

1: One Girl to Another, Madison Kozak- A truly beautiful and meaningful track One Girl To Another features Kozak having a conversation with her boyfriend’s ex and letting her know that even though they should in theory be enemies, Kozak doesn’t see it that way and would instead like to focus on their similarities and lifting each other up. Kozak allows her vulnerability to come to the forefront and allowing listeners in on this intimate conversation helps form a deep and true bond between Kozak and her listeners as they get to know her better as both a human and an artist. One Girl To Another is sure to be one of the year’s most meaningful songs when all is said and done.

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