“It’s Never Not Been A Thing”; Hunter Rae Talks Musical Journey, Mental Health

Like so many, Hunter Rae’s musical journey started so young she can’t quite remember life without music right there at the center of her dreams. This inborn love music led Rae to begin taking vocal lessons at the age of 10, and when her vocal coach challenged her to write her own music, Rae, wanting “to walk in the footsteps of Taylor Swift,” responded to the push and her confidence began to blossom.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the idea of chasing down musical dreams wasn’t just foreign to those around Rae, it was nearly unheard of. This fear of being so different led Rae to begin questioning her musical dreams, until she began peeling back the layers of why she was acting the way that she was. Rae, a tremendous mental health advocate, recalls using her therapy sessions to start “focusing in on what I want instead all of the storylines I had crafted in my mind.” Rae’s reignited sense of confidence led her to take the plunge and move to Nashville in January of this year. Rae recalls the eight day trek to her new town, where she’s “happy to not stand out so much with all of these people around chasing the same dream.”

Rae describes her musical style as “autobiographical and very personal,” as she connects with audiences through her own real life experiences, and paints vivid lyrical pictures as Rae’s vulnerability allows listeners the comfort to add their own experiences to Rae’s stories. Rae, an introvert at heart, views music “as a safe space” and beautiful, artistic outlet to show off her more vulnerable side.

Rae’s new single, Twice, is a great example of what allows her to forge deep and lasting connections with listeners. Rae recalls finding inspiration for Twice while scrolling Tiktok and stumbling upon one where someone contemplating entering a new relationship, clear headedly acknowledged “I know I’m gonna have to get over you twice but I just can’t stop myself,” from there, Rae’s inner songwriter was off and running. After playing Twice at a Writer’s Round for the first time, Rae knew based on the crowd reaction “this song had to be released at some point because people really seemed to connect with the lyrics.”

Up next Rae has more new music in the works as she continues to hone her craft and grow comfortable in her new home.

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