Kendra Gabrielle Embraces Life As an Artist

For as long as she can remember, Kendra Gabrielle has been surrounded by music in some or form. Gabrielle’s love for the art was stoked early in life, and left her with no choice but to pursue a career of sort within the field. Gabrielle first involved herself in the business side of things, but the thought and dream of becoming an artist someday continued to grip her, and now Gabrielle has decided to give the dream a real shot, pushing towards becoming an artist.

Gabrielle’s describes her musical style as “a blend of a lot of things,” citing influences from everything from country, to pop, to rock. Gabrielle’s eclectic style is refreshing and unique, allowing listeners to unearth an dynamic to the vulnerability found within her lyrics. As an artist, Gabrielle strives “to be as real as possible” with listeners, learning to access vulnerability often left untapped and hidden away. It is this ability to dig deep that has set Gabrielle on path to make this dream so much more than just that.

Gabrielle’s new single, Drunk On My Own, is an anthem of empowerment for all the single people out there. Gabrielle has learned to be perfectly fine getting drunk on her own, instead of in a crowd. Lyrically, the song has a biting sass to it which Gabrielle delivers masterfully, bringing this track to the next level.

Up next, Gabrielle tells WoC she’s “working on more new music and continuing to learn more about how this industry works, especially on the artist side of thing.”

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