6-Pack of Songs (June 13th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Death and Taxes, Jordan Fletcher: Featuring the trademark matter of fact and down to earth nature of Fletcher’s delivery, Death and Taxes is a fitting follow up to Fletcher’s debut EP released earlier this year. Throughout the track Fletcher details all of life’s constants such as Death and Taxes, and reviews some of the fundamental lessons his father taught him at a young age. While Fletcher once rolled his eyes at these lessons, he now sees their importance more than he ever thought he would.

 5: Wrong, Jaden Michaels: A truly infectious hook mixed with the sheer brilliance of Jaden Michaels’ voice is a combination to behold. Wrong is an ingeniously penned track that tackles the issue of overlooking red flags in search of love, with Michaels’ unable to resist her vices she is left to hope that she ultimately ends up being Wrong and seeing the red flags vanish into the distance.

4: Girl on Fire, Kameron Marlowe: A beautiful and wistfully serene track, Marlowe is caught reminiscing on an old summer fling with a Girl On Fire he lost touch with long ago. Much like his single, Steady Heart, Marlowe’s use of imagery is on point throughout Girl On Fire, leaving listeners with concrete images to tie to these memories. Marlowe’s natural raspy voice is a tremendous fit for songs about longing, and Girl On Fire more than fits the bill.

3: Ruin Tennessee, Gray Robinson: Gray Robinson is back with yet another fiery and irresistible new song. Following a breakup, Robinson is determined to make sure that the hurt doesn’t follow her back home to Tennessee. While Robinson cannot control how her broken heart may feel outside of The Volunteer State, she is ready to make the state line her fortress and ensure the pain and memories don’t find a way to infiltrate. The lyrics are clever and incredibly relatable  and Robinson’s vocals are to be marveled at, as she elevates this song to the next level. 

2: Rock and A Hard Place- Bailey Zimmerman: A simply astounding lyric and delivery, Rock and A Hard Place picks up where Zimmerman’s last single, Fall In Love, left off. Feeling an inflection point in his relationship upcoming, Zimmerman is forced to decide whether to stick it out and hope for the best, or cut his losses and move on, knowing what he just left behind. Zimmerman is truly stuck between a Rock and A Hard Place as he brilliantly walks listeners through his dilemma in a fruitless search for clarity. 

1: Sad, Callista Clark: Song of the summer? Callista Clark certainly announced her candidacy for that honor with her brand new single, Sad. Following a breakup, Clark finds herself feeling anything but Sad, and facetiously asks her ex why she doesn’t feel Sad? If he was truly such a great guy, surely Clark would feel at least an ounce of sadness but she doesn’t, and instead confidently reflects on the bullet she dodged on a track dripping with sass. Clark’s soulful vocal is spectacular and adds depth and dynamic to the masterfully crafted song.

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