Sophia Scott Boldly Pushes Boundaries on Debut EP ‘One Of These Days’

Ranging from intense vulnerability to an endearing and full throated confidence, Sophia Scott’s debut EP, One Of These Days, is one of the most wide ranging and all encompassing projects to come out of Nashville in a long time. Scott is unafraid and more than happy to push genre boundaries throughout a project that is spirited ,spunky, and more than anything refreshing. Scott beautifully augments the tightly woven tracks with one of the most powerful voices in all of the industry. One Of These Days perfectly encapsulates Scott’s musical ethos, and a new age sound that makes her one of the premiere voices destined to move Nashville’s music into a new era.

All six tracks on the project show off a different side of Scott’s personality and allows listeners a closer look at who she is as an artist, and even more importantly as a human. Don’t Tempt Me opens the project with a boot-stomper as Scott confesses that like so many of us she is simply unable to turn down a good time, and even if she were lying in bed five minutes prior, Scott is always ready to turn up and have the night of her life.

Sweetheart shows off an unabashed vulnerability as Scott reminisces on love gone wrong. Sweetheart is a unique and mature spin on the classic “I Hate My Ex” trope, as Scott acknowledges that this former love was sweet and kind, and while they weren’t meant to be, she knows that this love allowed her to grow and she is more than comfortable remembering some of the good times they shared together.

There’s just something about a Leather Skirt that makes Scott feel confident and ready to handle all that this world throws at her. Knowing the importance of feeling good, Scott is once again always up for a good time when she’s got her Leather Skirt on. Leather Skirt is fun and irresistibly fun production coupled with the infectious hook leaves listeners with no choice but to sing and dance along.

The title track, One Of These Days, is the height of raw vulnerability. Recalling some of her childhood’s most painful moments and lessons, Scott tenderly vocalizes a therapy session for all listeners. Scott offers a light in the sea of a dark lit past, as she hopes that One Of These Days all of the hurt makes sense and leads to a future that is brighter than even imaginable. Lyrically and vocally, One Of These Days is the most impactful moment on a project chock full of them.

More Me is simply a badass song. Full of sass and rediscovered confidence, More Me is the perfect pick me up for anybody ready to leave yesterday’s troubles behind and live for today. Sick of the bad vibes and a lost of sense of self as a result of a toxic relationship, Scott has had enough and is taking back her power and living her life the way she wants to, without the input of those trying to dim her shine. More Me is empowering for anybody feeling stuck in a toxic relationship, or anybody simply looking to rediscover the inner glow that makes them shine radiantly to the world.

Side Effects once again features a version of Scott drawn to her vices, in this case, the desire to please a man that is unwilling to do the same for her. Scott knows this relationship isn’t fulfilling her but still just can’t seem to call it quits. Lyrically, Side Effects is absolutely stunning, as Scott vividly paints a picture that is all too relatable for so many.

On the whole, One Of These Days is an incredible introduction to who Sophia Scott is both as an artist and a person. Confident, yet vulnerable, moved on, yet still drawn to her vices, Scott digs to deep and paints a picture that is real and profound and listeners are rewarded with a project that is full of honest emotion and six thoroughly irresistible songs.

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