“Connecting With a Live Audience Is Just Unbeatable” Jordana Bryant Talks Opening for Restless Road; New Music

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of hitting the stage and seeing the faces in the crowd hanging completely on your every word. This is especially true for younger artists experiencing this extreme stage high, as they’re on the cusp of something special. Jordana Bryant experienced exactly this when she opened for Restless Road in Washington D.C on Friday May 20th. On the heels of her breakout single, Guilty, Bryant got to reap the rewards of the hard work that has allowed her take a tremendous step forward in the early months of this year.

After the show, we had the chance to chat with Bryant about her experience on stage, viral hit, and all the new music she’s got in the pipeline.

Worlds of Country: So you’ve just released your new single, Guilty, can you tell us the story of how that song came to be and what about it stood out to you?

Jordana: With this single, I wanted to capture the experience of confessing your feelings to someone. I thought it would be fun to encourage people to take a chance and tell someone how they really feel about them because you only live once! This song stands out for me because of the energetic upbeat tone. A lot of times, melodies paired with lyrics about being into someone and being unsure of their feelings can be slower, maybe even with some sad energy… so I wanted to create a song that’s about being confident and excited to take a chance in this type of situation!

Worlds of Country: Guilty has been very well received by fans and already has close to 200K streams on Spotify alone, what comes to mind when you see your name next to a number like that?

Jordana: It feels surreal! I’m just so grateful for this opportunity and for all the support from my team. Most of all it makes me feel so excited to see what’s in store for me!

Worlds of Country: You’ve started to hit the road a little bit including opening for Restless Road in D.C. What was your favorite part of this experience?

Jordana: Getting to perform and watching people come together through my music is so rewarding. Connecting with a live audience is just unbeatable and I love feeling like I’m a part of something bigger than myself!

Worlds of Country: Are you someone who’s always enjoyed the stage, or is this more of an acquired taste for you?

Jordana: I’ve always loved to perform! It’s definitely been an adjustment now that I am starting to perform for bigger audiences but I am ready to grow and always love the time I spend onstage.

Worlds of Country: What can fans look forward to coming up?

Jordana: I have a lot of exciting things in the works which definitely includes more music on the way that I’m so excited to share with everyone!

Bryant’s new single, New Friends, will be available everywhere on June 24th and you can presave it here .

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