Halle Kearns Proves She’s Country’s ‘Every Girl’

A testament to the power of raw and honest songwriting, Halle Kearns’ Sophomore EP Every Girl is a clear as day indication of an artist ready to make waves in the Nashville scene and far beyond. Rooted in a triumphant kind of sadness, Kearns walks listeners through her journey, all the way from highest highs to her most soul crushing lows. Kearns connects with listeners through her conversational lyrics and the sometimes all too relatable stories she retells.

Slow Down opens the project on a bright and vibrant note. Throughout the summery feeling track, Kearns takes the time to look herself in the mirror and reminds herself that she is on the right track. Regardless of what outside expectations may be, Kearns frees her mind from the external pressures and learns to enjoy life right here, right now. Instead of waiting for everything to be right someday down the road, Kearns is determined to live her life right, today.

Nothing Left is the polar opposite of Slow Down, and shows off different and vastly more vulnerable side of Kearns. Feeling depleted and empty from always giving in relationships and never getting, nor expecting anything back, on Nothing Left Kearns reaches her breaking point and wonders if feeling so desolate solely for the satisfaction of others was worth it. Kearns’ masterfully depicts the hidden plight of the chronic people pleaser and delivers one of the most impactful moments on this project.

Happy In This Bar picks up where Nothing Left left off. Kearns, still equipped with her inner people pleaser, once again finds herself putting her own needs and desires behind those of the people she cares about. Kearns is more than willing to play the part of Happy In This Bar all the while she’s breaking inside. Happy In This Bar, while sad, exudes a certain strength and resilience on Kearns’ part, as she is once again more than willing to be there for those that she loves, even if she can’t be there for herself at the moment.

Are You Okay? lets listeners in on a private conversation between Kearns and a friend. Worried about her friend, Kearns decides to check in and see how she’s doing. Only, Kearns won’t settle for the regular “I’m fine” and move on, her genuine concern for her friends well-being is beyond endearing and leaves listeners wanting to do exactly the same with close friends they haven’t heard from in far too long. Once again, Kearns’ unadulterated and unapologetic vulnerability takes center stage and leaves listeners feeling heard and understood.

Every Girl, the title track and project closer, walks listeners step by step through Kearns’ maturation and all the highlights and heartbreaks she’s been through, and he Every Girl she’s ever been has molded her into the woman she is today. Whether it’s her parents divorce or dropping everything a moving to Nashville to chase down her wildest dreams, Kearns knows that each and every experience she’s lived through and learned from has strengthened her and made her uniquely herself.

Every Girl the song and the project are both about as honest as it gets. Kearns willingness to be real with listeners and expose her deepest fears and biggest heartbreaks in a way that is undoubtably deeply personal, yet still incredibly relatable is truly remarkable and shows that Kearns is an artist well on her way to stardom.

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