6-Pack of Songs (June 7th)

6: I Don’t Go Back, Kassi Ashton- Ashton’s unique and fiercely powerful voice takes center stage on this deeply emotional track, as Ashton tries to put the shackles of old love out of sight and out of mind. On I Don’t Go Back Ashton keeps her eyes on the road and out of the rearview but still can’t help but wonder what could be if she went back to the one former love still gripping her. I Don’t Go Back tells a story that resonates deeply with listeners that get caught up in an occasional ‘what if?’

5: Hear About A Girl, Dalton Dover- Sometimes the mere mention of a girl is enough to break a man’s heart clean in two. On Hear About A Girl, Dover cleverly runs through the different times you Hear About A Girl, from the initial mention that makes a heart race to the final mention that makes a heart break, hearing about a girl always has the ability to stop a man in his tracks. Vocally, Dover shines throughout and tells the story in a way that lets listeners feel as if they’re living every word.

4: Didn’t Even Date, Anna Vaus- Sometimes it doesn’t even take a date to make a heart break. Sometimes the mere thought of a future together is enough to send the mind running and the heart tumbling towards an imaginary fairy tale ending, yet snap back to reality and there is nothing of the sort. Left with no past relationship to reminisce over, Vaus finds herself steeped deeply in this imaginary world and left with a very real bruise on her heart for a love that never was. Vaus’ down to earth and conversational delivery of Didn’t Even Date is outstanding and leaves listeners feeling understood.

3: Fast Forever, Matt Gorman, Kaylin Roberson- Sometimes the idea forever isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In the case of Fast Forever, forever truly goes by in a flash and leaves both parties wondering what just happened and what went wrong. The natural and laid back raspiness of Gorman’s voices mixes incredibly well with the full throttle power that Roberson provides throughout the brilliantly penned track.

2: Fix You Too, Megan Moroney- Downtrodden and resolved to work on herself, Megan Moroney finds herself turning down the type of guy she used to turn to. In search of inner healing and growth Moroney acknowledges that she doesn’t have the emotional energy or desire to fix someone else, while she’s busy doing her own fixing. While the song takes on a sad tone, the lyrics exude strength and maturity on Moroney’s part as she learns to focus on her needs, knowing that if she doesn’t she’ll be prone to fall into patterns and relationships that have left her hurt in the past. Moroney’s lingering and raspy vocal beautifully matches the energy of a song that is a true standout in all aspects, from writing to production and of course Moroney’s gorgeous delivery.

1: Why We Broke Up, Peytan Porter- Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and apparently the mind grow hazier. On Why We Broke Up, Peytan Porter sees her ex out one night, while in the back of her mind she knows there’s a reason their relationship failed, Porter can’t seem to put her finger on exactly what caused this relationship’s failure. This lack of a pinpoint reason allows Porter to begin thinking of a life together once again, even though she knows deep down that would be a mistake, her mind’s inability to remember just why they broke up has led to the creation of a fictitious future together in Porter’s mind. Porter’s internal and dialogue conflict lead to captivating tension that keeps listeners engaged throughout the stunning track, and Porter’s powerhouse voice does not disappoint!!

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