CWBY Shares Experience at First Nashville Show (Exclusive)

Progressive pop-country artist CWBY is truly changing the game. His poignant new single, Insecure shows listeners a side many cowboys are unwilling to display. CWBY is intensely vulnerable in the lyrics which helps forge lasting bond between artist and listener. CWBY’s music beautifully merges fun with meaningful and creates a happy medium of ear friendly, yet deep music.

CWBY, feeding off the energy of the crowd, shared with WoC his experience at his first show in Nashville, at Live Oak in Midtown. CWBY tells WoC “The first show in Nashville went great! Being there and feeling the energy from the fans and everyone who has supported me was surreal. Having so many people come up to me after the show saying that my music was dope, that I was a star, and how my music makes me feel something, was great. Without the fans there wouldn’t be ‘CWBY,’ so I’m excited for my upcoming shows, getting to the bigger stages and to be able to perform my music!”

Watch exclusive footage of CWBY’s first Nashville show, here!

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