Dutch Country Singer, Angie Flare Leans into Pop Influences on New EP ‘With The Car Running’

From seeing her first musical theater production, Dutch Country singer Angie Flare has known that a career in music was the big dream. From that moment on Flare has “dedicated (her) life to that dream,” putting in the work and no stopping until she gets to where she needs to, Flare’s insatiable desire to make this dream come true serves her well as she tries to make waves in the overseas country scene.

Fresh off her brand new EP, With The Car Running we had the chance to chat with Flare about the dream, her musical background, and her new project!

When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Making music has always been something self-evident in my family. My granddad was a professional musician and on both sides of the family music is an important part. At family gatherings there was always someone playing the piano and we were all singing along. Those are warm memories. So naturally, as a little girl, I sang all day long, in the stroller, on the bike, everywhere. So it could not be otherwise, but I think it was at the age of 7, when I saw my first musical theater production, that I knew for sure that I wanted to be a professional singer.

Once you knew, what was your first big step towards making this dream a reality?

It sounds a bit sad saying it, but since then I have only dedicated my life to that dream. Outside of school I took singing lessons, dancing lessons, guitar lessons and all kinds of activities to get ready for auditions for music education after high school. I thought it was the best and only step towards my dream. Unfortunately I got rejected for every school, that broke my heart. But I never lost my love for making music and eventually worked by myself to where I am today.

How would you describe your musical style?

Country rock/pop: modern country that leans mostly to rock but sometimes to the pop side.

Who would you say most influenced this style?

It’s a result of a long and winding road of finding my own voice and sound. My love for country music started with Dutch country singer Ilse DeLange when I was about 10 years old. Then, for years I sang a lot of different musical styles like pop, rock, musical theatre even classical. I sang in different cover bands. When I started writing my own songs I stumbled upon my love for country music again thanks to the Nashville series on Netflix. Since then I listen a lot to artists like Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs and Lady A. They’re powerful, energetic musical style is a big influence for my music. So I think my style is a melting pot of my love for country music and my experience with performing in a band and singing a lot of different styles.

What can you tell us about the process of putting together your new EP, With The Car Running?

Shortly after releasing my debut EP ‘Footprints in the Sand’ in 2020 the world shut down due to Covid. I decided to make the most out of the extra time Covid gave me so I planned different co-writes to write new songs and meet new people. Suddenly I got 5 tracks I liked that fit together in the same story, so I could make a new EP. But I had to find funding to realise it. Of course, making an EP is very expensive. So I started a crowdfunding campagin and I got an amount from a Dutch musicians fund. After that I could start recording. Bas van Wetten (also my boyfriend) produced and recorded the EP in our home studio. He played all instruments except the drums.

Are there any songs on the project that stick out as personal favorites of yours?

The song ‘Exit to LA’ is my favorite. We wrote it on a fun night with some guys from my band, with beer, whiskey, a guitar and a banjo. Eventually I think that’s the way music should be made, by having fun. Besides, I love the powerful rock sound of the song and that’s so much fun to play live with the band.

What’s next for you?

I’m hoping I get to play live a lot, that the release of my EP results in some great live shows with my band. It’s still hard after the corona times to find live spots, but I’m hoping for some cool festivals and/or as a support on a tour with a cool country music act. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. The combination of traveling and making music is my dream life.

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