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Josh Del Lets it ‘Burn’ on New Single


Learning to give his all to the dream, was on the of the first major steps Josh Del took on his journey to making in it in the music business. Learning to believe in his unique talents instead of his inner critic has afforded Del the opportunity to move out to Nashville and chase down the dream with everything he has. Forging a musical style that blends and bends genre lines, Del’s new single Burn is a great example of just what sets him apart from so many others.

Worlds of Country:When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Josh: I know this sounds cliche as can be, but I always knew music was there for me. There’s something that happens to me when I play or sing, like something takes over. It’s weird to describe, but I knew once I experienced that feeling, that it’s the only thing I ever wanted. I have written songs since I first learned how to write with a pencil and I’m constantly playing melodies in my head. I know not everyone feels this, but I feel I was born to do this. I’ve tried other paths and it never works. I always end up right back to the music. 

Worlds of Country: Once you realized that music was something you could seriously pursue, what was your first step towards making this dream a reality?

Josh: Well, I’m actually pretty fresh to believing that this is my actual career, even though I’ve been doing it for years. You grow up and people are always trying to make you think you have to be a doctor or a lawyer to be successful. Hearing enough talk like that will make you believe that you are just another cog in the machine. It’s actually taken years and years of people telling me “you have something really special” for me to believe it. I think as artists we all deal with imposter syndrome, but thinking something is never a possibility to begin with gives you an especially bad case of that. My first step was buying back all the equipment I sold originally to pursue an “adult career.” I knew once I did that, I would have to stick to the promise I made myself, not to hold anything back and truly go for it.

Worlds of Country:How would you describe your musical style?

Josh My musical style probably lands under the overarching umbrella of singer-songwriter, but there is a lot of Blues, Soul, and Americana elements in my music. I think nowadays we are seeing a ton of artists do songs outside their genre, which is awesome. As artists, isn’t our whole thing to do something different and think outside the box? It can be super limiting. I have had meetings with major labels where they basically just want me to write exclusively in one genre, but that feels like only a small representation of who I am. I think eventually in our lifetime we will see the lines between genres blur more and more. To tell an artist that they can only be one thing is to tell them that they can’t be an artist at all.

Worlds of Country: Who most influenced your style of music?

Josh:I grew up in an extremely hot desert, so we would often go to the pool and listen to this station EZ103fm. They played the classics like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Loggins and Messina, so I love that stuff. My parents also had a great 80’s pop collection with records from Madonna, Michael Jackson and U2 and then the rest of my family was into Country music, so I got a very well rounded upbringing with music. I guess that’s why I fall in love with all different types of songs. It obviously had a very big influence on my genre, or lack thereof. 

Worlds of Country:What’s the story behind your new single,Burn?

Josh: Burn tells the song of a friend who was truly still in love with his wife, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. He wanted to give her everything and she wanted everything but him. The song is written from a first person perspective and I cleared it with him, don’t worry, haha. It’s just an all too common occurrence, so why wouldn’t you write about it? I hope it can help describe some of the emotions someone who is going through that is feeling. I started working on the song and then shortly after brought it to my buddy Jake and he was like “you need to finish this now” so I did just that.

Worlds of Country: What’s next for you?

I am constantly working on songs for myself and other people, whether thats wearing the songwriter hat, the producer hat or often times both. I am looking at releasing at least four more songs this year. I’m also hoping to do some supporting slots on some shows for some artists. Other than that I am playing rounds here and there. Tonight I am playing New In Town, which I believe is put on by WhiskeyJam and on June 29th I’m doing a round with some friends at The Bluebird. So I definitely have irons in the fire, but always looking to expand. Thankfully the producer thing has kept me busy and full on work for a while, but definitely looking to further my career as an artist too. There’s nothing like that energy you get from a live audience.

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