6 Pack of Songs (May 24th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Heart Like A Truck, Lainey Wilson- Lainey Wilson’s got a Heart Like A Truck, one that won’t stop running until it eventually breaks down. Wilson’s metaphor usage is ingenious and the hook eloquently describes the feelings inside a heart that refuses to settle down. Wilson’s tone is true and delivers this awfully relatable track in a fresh and candid manner.

5: The End, Morgan Johnston- Searching for the end to a seemingly unbreakable chain of heartbreak, Morgan Johnston thinks she’s found it in her new man. Vowing to herself that this will be the last man she has to gush up about, talking up to her family. Johnston is beyond excited as she thinks she’s finally found The End and the purpose to the long line of heartbreak that proceeded. Johnston’s vocal is tremendously strong throughout the first single of her upcoming project.

4: Don’t Do It In Texas, Catie Offerman- Sensing an impending heartbreak coming on, Catie Offerman has just one request, Don’t Do It In Texas. Offerman can handle the feeling of an ordinary heartbreak, but a supersized Texas version would simply be too much for her heart to take, as everything’s bigger in Texas, even the heartbreaks. Offerman leans into her traditional country roots throughout this edge of your seat heartbreaker, and delivers a truly stunning vocal performance.

3: Make A Little Room, Steve Moakler- It’s time to refocus on the parts of life that are truly important instead of the mundane happenings of everyday life that leaves so many people feeling left stuck in the mud. Moakler explains this thesis clearly and convincingly in his new single Make A Little Room, which urges listeners to focus on living life instead of just letting life happen. The first single off Moakler’s upcoming album reminds listeners of the beauty in life that is too often overlooked.

2: Can’t Nobody, Mackenzie Carpenter- Mackenzie Carpenter’s long awaited debut single is sure to be a hit. The newly inked Big Machine artist makes a lasting impression with Can’t Nobody. Featuring an irresistible and timeless sounding hook, Carpenter explains that Can’t Nobody break a heart quite the way her ex does. Carpenter’s comparisons to the way “Can’t Nobody write a song like Dolly” and the fact that “Can’t no whiskey get (her) whiskey like Jack” puts concrete reference points in the minds of listeners and allows the chorus’ final line to cut like a knife, as intended. Can’t Nobody is truly a can’t miss song.

1:Critic, Avery Anna- Avery Anna learned the hard way that she is not her own worst Critic. No matter how self-critical she may be, her inner critic will never measure up to the truly uncalled critiques leveled by her ex boyfriend on topics ranging from the shade of her hair to the songs she writes. Anna regains her strength on this intensely vulnerable track and learns to shut out both the critic on the inside and the one on the outside, constantly throwing around insults meant to diminish Anna’s self worth. Critic picks up where Anna’s breakout single Narcissist left off and continues to show Anna persevering through heartbreak and finding her footing outside of this former toxic relationship.

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