Shelby Darrall Provides Ample ‘Entertainment For The Brokenhearted’ (EP)

Dripping with a rare and profound, no holds barred honesty, Shelby Darrall’s debut EP Entertainment For The Brokenhearted is a fully packed, yet entertaining gut-punch to the recently heart broken. Darrall shines bright as a storyteller throughout the six song project, which allows a window into the demise of her past relationship, filled with love, sass, and a whole lot of sad.

Wrong Hands kicks the project off with a rocking note, as Darrall’s friends warn her that her new boo is no good for her. Unmoved by their warnings, Darrall confidently asserts that she does not care if her friends think she’s in the Wrong Hands, even if she later comes to admit that they were indeed correct. I Want You To Leave is the project’s love song, as Darrall continues to become enamored by the wrong man with the Wrong Hands, all the way to the point where she pleads with him to leave his past behind and start over new with her.

The project takes a turn with the heartfelt Pick Me Up. Following the demise of this relationship, Darrall calls her father asking him to pick her up from the mess that she now finds herself in. Darrall knows that she can always rely on her father to be there when she needs him, even when she finds herself at her lowest and most broken.

Love Me When I’m Leavin’ is the project’s sass filled anthem, as Darrall begins to wonder why this guy only seems to want her as she starts to pull away. Darrall decides to make it easy on him and pull away from his on again off again love, and leave us with this song that should be blasted at a level that’ll blow your speakers.

Lied To Too and Happy First are moments of the pure, unadulterated vulnerability that makes Darrall such a special artists. On Lied To Too, Darrall runs into her ex’s new man and suddenly all of her feelings of resentment and anger towards her begin to vanish as Darrall begins to realize that she’s just another girl who was Lied To Too, in the same exact way Darrall was. Happy First closes the project on a note that is anything buy ‘happy’. Darrall runs into her ex with his new girlfriend and realizes that she lost the breakup race to be Happy First, as she is still stuck in the muck and more of Brokenheartsville while he seems to be moving on just fine. On the surface Darrall does not mind his new found happiness, she just wishes she could’ve been Happy First before seeing him like this.

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