6-Pack of Songs (April 27th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Songs About You, Brett Eldredge- We don’t always have to see our ex to have their memory pop to the front of our minds, and take up an almost unbudgeable residence in the foreground of our every thought. Whether it’s through the songs we hear, the places we go, or anything else, there are certain triggers that bring back these memories. For Eldredge the trigger is the songs he can’t escape either on the radio or walking through stores, causing Eldredge to cope with his lost love. Eldredge’s voice is full of emotion adding an extra dynamic to the tightly penned track.

5: Wild Horse, Warren Zeiders- A cowboy’s loneliness isn’t always by choice, as evidenced by Warren Zeiders’ latest single, Wild Horse. Understanding that his lifestyle is not typically suitable for love, Zeiders embarks on a mission to find a woman that is steady and tough, and most importantly willing to stay with him as he lives the life of a cowboy. Zeiders’ gravely adds an extra bit of longing to the desperation found in the lyrics.

4: Tomorrow Me, Luke Combs- Luke Combs is back releasing music off of his third studio album, set to be released in June. Tomorrow Me eloquently captures the fear of future regret after getting back an ex. Combs, Tomorrow Me knows falling back into old patterns and partners is sure to leave him unsatisfied and wondering why he just can’t seem to shake his ex. As always Combs’ vocal is on point throughout this poignited track.

3: First Stone, Peytan Porter- A well thought out and articulately delivered commentary on our modern internet culture, First Stone is a call for kindness and empathy. Porter’s analogy to throwing the First Stone from a big glass house is more than apt, and provides listeners with a clear and lasting image of the issue at hand. Porter is genuine and tender throughout this emotional track as she dissects the culture and calls for understanding others instead of bashing them over the head with unkind and often untruthful slanderous pejoratives.

2: Hair Salon, Megan Moroney- We love a good ol’ heartbreaker, and Megan Moroney delivered just that with Hair Salon. As she sits down to get her hair colored, and prepares to catch up on all of the small town drama, Moroney is beyond shocked when this time around she hears her ex’s name “from three chairs down.” and finds out that he’s engaged. Shook by this information, Moroney desperately tries to hold it together throughout the rest of her color, although she can’t help but shed a few tears, and get caught up in the vicious cycle of wondering what could’ve been. Moroney’s vocal meshes masterfully with the tear inducing lyrics, and Hair Salon is poised to be a big hit as Moroney prepares to release her debut EP in July.

1: Something in the Orange, Zach Bryan- At long last, Something in the Orange is here! Bryan seemingly can do no right is a relationship that seems to be evolving into toxic waste, of on again, off again. Bryan is still holding onto the small sliver of hope that “Something in the Orange tells me we’re not done,” while also acknowledging that “Something in the Orange tells me you’re never coming home,” as the sun continues to shine Bryan continues to change his mind on whether this relationship has a future or not. The suspenseful nature of the lyrics and production is truly exquisite.

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