Lisa Marie Lets Loose on ‘Cowgirl’

It’s never easy striking the balance between chasing our dreams and fulfilling all of our other various responsibilities. Lisa Marie acknowledges this “difficult balance” and the physical and mental toll of constantly travelling back and forth from Nashville to her home in Chicago. Marie, a mother, knows all about finding balance, and it wasn’t until covid struck that Marie had “the it’s now or never conversation” with herself, and decided the time to make this dream a reality was right this instant. Knowing she had no time to waste, Marie got to work and started striking that difficult balance, and doing anything and everything to “make this happen.”

Marie’s new single, Cowgirls pays homage to a different kind of balance, as Marie shines on the track aimed for mothers like her, longing for a little time to let loose. Marie, in search of some time to let her inner Cowgirl run wild, hopes that the single “resonates mothers just like (her) who need a little time to be a little rowdy.” The rowdy single is fun and upbeat, while focusing in on a relatable issue for many, and Marie shines as both a storyteller and a vocalist throughout the rowdy single.

Marie is “excited to get on the road and play shows throughout the summer,” giving her a little taste of life on the road. Marie is expected to release more music throughout the rest of the year and she “can’t wait to share” what she’s “been working on.”

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