Caught Red Handed, Jordana Bryant Shows Off Superb Storytelling Ability on ‘Guilty’

Rife with clever and incisive songwriting, Jordana Bryant’s Guilty shows off the young artist’s storytelling prowess throughout this truly addictive love filled song. Caught up in the moment and falling in love, Bryant knows better than to let her new beau consume her every thought, but she just can’t help but be Guilty. Bryant learns to not let the guilt consume her, and plays it off wonderfully throughout her vibrant new single.

Bryant’s vocal meshes masterfully with the fun energy of the production, and the introspective, conversational nature of the lyrics. Bryant’s ability to tell stories that are both personal and relatable, allows listeners to attach their own Guilty thoughts to Bryant’s tightly penned lyrics. This ability helps separate Bryant from her peers, and has made her one of Country Music’s budding stars.

Bryant’s playful, yet serious delivery and tone are top notch, as the Pennsylvania native’s vocal is filled with a youthful energy and an unmistakable empathy. The accessibility of the lyrics and Bryant’s down to earth delivery make Guilty a true showstopper. As she continues to hone her musical style to pair with the seemingly natural timelessness of her lyricism.

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