6-Pack of Songs (April 12th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: HEARTFIRST, Kelsea Ballerini- Heartfirst is a truly lovely track. Pushing the boundaries of country, this pop-country track is a delightful listen for those looking for an easy, yet meaningful listen. HEARTFIRST focuses  on the fear of falling in love that all of us have, however in this case Ballerini’s fear is made irrelevant as she can’t help herself from falling in love, HEARTFIRST.

5: Denim & Rhinestones, Carrie Underwood- Another beautiful, simple love song written about the overwhelming feeling of love. On the track Underwood uses a long list of tried and true analogies to show why she and her husband go together so well, before settling in on the fact that she is the “rhinestones” to his “denim jacket” and that this love is “never going out of style.” As always, Underwood’s vocal is top notch and keeps listeners hooked throughout this beautiful song.

4: If I Wasn’t Your Man, Dillon Carmichael- A serious yet hilarious commentary on the out of character things we do for the ones we love, If I Wasn’t Your Man is a true standout in terms of relatability and lyricism. Carmichael runs down the litany of what we wouldn’t do if he wasn’t in love and all of the subsequent actions he’d replace them with, before coming to the realization that if he wasn’t in love he wouldn’t be who he is today.

3: Actin’ Up, Miranda Lambert- An utter refusal to live by society’s expectations and rules, has left Miranda Lambert no choice but to continue to be Actin’ Up. This fun, hell-raising track encourages listeners to let loose and let their wild edges take control if only for a little while. The production is crisp and adds rocking elements that suit the track perfectly.

2: New Number, Alana Springsteen- Struggling to get completely over her ex, Alana Springsteen wishes that he would just get a New Number, one her heart doesn’t know like the back of her hand. No matter how many times she may delete his number, it remains etched in her heart and brain in a seemingly non erasable ink. Springsteen knows she can’t keep walking down this road and pleads with him to get a New Number, so she can get to moving on without this occasional roadblock popping up. Springsteen’s vocal sells the longing and sadness masterfully, as she leans into a tender side of her voice on New Number.

1: Gave It Back Broken, Callista Clark- Filled with a pervasive and a tinge of righteous indignation, Gave It Back Broken is a true showstopper from Callista Clark. After  gleefully giving her heart away, only to have it torn to pieces, Clark wonders where this guy got the nerve and the temerity to return her heart, which she gave to him in one piece, tarred to pieces. Clark spends the track wondering if he feels guilty for what he did to her, and with no resolution Clark takes back control and tells him that he doesn’t “get to be the good guy” after what he did to her. Clark’s soulful voice is on full display throughout this remarkable track, and adds a tremendous dynamic to an incredibly written song.

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