Alison Nichols Wonders ‘is it just Me?’

While it may’ve began with her “rapping nonsense” that she can’t remember, Alison Nichols’ musical dreams have morphed into so much more. Raised in a family that that loved music, while not being musicians themselves, “exposed (Nichols) to the idea of music from a very young age.” At the age of 14 a lightbulb when off for Nichols, who decided to give this crazy dream a go. Citing Taylor Swift as a formative influence, Nichols recalls following her lead and learning to write songs that were personal and true from a young age. This early adaptation of raw and honest lyricism put Nicholas squarely on the path to Nashville, where raw and honest are the name of the game.

A Texas native, Nichols cites fellow Texans’ Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, and Kacey Musgraves as her biggest sonic influences, and credits them for teaching her “you can be a badass in country music.” Nichols’ confidence is something that sets her apart from her peers, and this refreshing air of confidence is on full display in her writing, where she is unafraid to push boundaries, both sonically and lyrically.

Nicholas new single, is it just me?, adds a hit of vulnerability to her confidence as she wonders why she “got ghosted by this guy” she really like. Amidst her wondering Nichols questions whether this happens to others, or is it just me? The painstakingly relatable lyric resonates deeply with listeners, because it turns out it isn’t just Nichols that has been put through the awfulness that is ‘ghosting.’ Nichols delivers the clever hook brilliantly and captivities listeners with the all too true pain clearly presented in the song’s lyrics.

Nichols is excited to “work on getting new music out soon,” with the hopes of “an EP in the works and hopefully coming soon.”

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