Emily Patt Shows Off New Age Genre Bending Style on New Single ‘If I Were You’

Emily Patt can’t remember a time that music didn’t make her feel some kind of way. Singing around the house growing up, to learning to write her own songs, the musical bug run deep within Patt. When high school rolled around, Patt began to dream bigger, allowing her mind wander and wonder if “this could be a career.” Patt “attended songwriting classes throughout high school” where her love for the art continued to soar and made her believe that a future in music wasn’t just attainable, but the only rightful path forward.

Patt, now a student at NYU is chasing down the one in a million dream in her own unique way. Pulling from influences “from across the genre spectrum,” Patt’s sound is vibrant and progressive, artfully pushing the boundaries of country music in a way that is authentic to her. Whether it’s pairing “adding synths and 808 drum beats” with her predominantly country songwriting , or merging the sounds of her most formative influences, Patt is always doing something unique and vibrant.

Patt’s new single, If I Were You, masterfully shows off her genre bending ethos. The concept for the flirty track came from a “facetime conversation (Patt) was having with a friend back home,” the song shows off Patt’s innate strength as a natural storyteller, leaving listeners hooked on every last syllable.

Patt is planning to release more new music throughout the year, with If I Were You expected to be featured on Patt’s upcoming debut EP which she hopes to release later this year.

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