Thomas Rhett Takes it Back to ‘Where We Started’

Showcasing a multitude of diverse musical influences, Thomas Rhett’s new studio album, Where We Started, is sonically divergent from anything Rhett has put out in the past. Going back to the wide variety of music he grew up listening to, Rhett’s new features something for everyone, with tracks spanning the full spectrum of country music and beyond. Rooted in superb writing the project, featuring 15 songs, shows off the best of Rhett as a storyteller. Filled with a beautiful simplicity Where We Started is sure to be one of the year’s top albums.

WoC Top tracks:

The album opener, The Hill is the project’s finest track, from both a writing and delivery standpoint. Penned by Emily Weisband, Jordan Reynolds, and Lori McKenna, the track focuses in on the importance of love, and doing whatever it takes to make love last- even if it means setting aside your previous aims and goals. Rhett’s delivery of the track is near perfect, showing a tender and vulnerable side of his voice throughout this beautifully written song.

On the opposite end of the sonic spectrum is Bass Pro Hat which also happens to be a personal favorite of mine. The breezy, summer vibes couples with the simple imagery of a backwards bass pro is enough to teleport listeners, leaving them dreaming of doing activities often degraded as mundane.

Simple as a Song is the purest encapsulation of the project’s essence, as Rhett is looking for a love that is sweet and simple as opposed to the glitz and glamor many seemingly crave. Rhett wants a love as simple “as three chords and the truth,” and is more than grateful that he’s found it.

Half of Me, a collaboration with Riley Green, rekindles the summer vibe set by Bass Pro Hat. Rhett and Green deliver a classic drinking anthem, about their desires to blow off the work they have to do and instead have a cold bar or two. Half Of Me is a fun and light moment on the project, and the vocal contrast of Rhett and Green just works.

Listen to the full album on Spotify here!!

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