Hudson Valley Puts the Rock in Rock-Country

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, and molding and continuously evolving rock country sound, Hudson Valley is here to put their own unique twist on country music. With influences ranging from rock to pop, to classic country, the band’s diversity allows it to step out of the cookie cutter and form a sound they describe as “uniquely Hudson Valley.” Getting their name from New York’s Hudson Valley, the band is looking to “bring a little bit of New York ” with them to Nashville.

As with any band the process of honing in a sound is one wrought with plenty of trial and error on the journey to finding a sound that is both genuine and different from what the rest of the music world has to offer. The musical diversity of Hudson Valley has “allowed (them) to explore and try out different styles before settling in on what (they) have now.” For Hudson Valley the end result is a high octane, smack you in the face, fresh brand of rocking country music.

This high energy, rocking style is exquisitely showcased on the band’s new single, Shut Me Up. Originally performed by Old Dominion, the Hudson Valley version takes the track up a notch and adds a vibrant and tasteful rocking element to the country song. Hudson Valley was tempted to release this cover “because we’d play this song during our set and all of our fans already though it was our song, so we figured why not put out our own version with our own little spin.”

Hudson Valley is working on “more new music and getting back out the road during the year”, all while “riding the wave” of their brilliantly done cover.

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