Sasha McVeigh Walks a ‘Fine Line’

Dealing with our past romantic entanglements is often times akin to walking a Fine Line. Sasha McVeigh learned this lesson when she “couldn’t seem to eject” her ex from her life. McVeigh recalls telling the story of her line walking in a write one day with April Kry and Spencer Crandall, and from there McVeigh’s newest single, Fine Line was born. The song focuses in the universal struggle we all encounter when it comes to cutting ties with those we used to do everything with.

Hailing from Brittan, country music and Nashville may not have seemed like a natural fit for McVeigh. However from her first to the Music City in 2012 McVeigh was “hooked on the energy of the city” and the abundant opportunity to chase down her dreams. McVeigh recalls her mother telling her “if they like you in Nashville you can do this” and from her first performance “getting thrown up on the stage at Tootsie’s for a three hour set,” McVeigh knew she could never see herself anywhere else. McVeigh credits her family for encouraging her to chase her dreams even in an ocean away, and her mother has decided to make the journey along with her.

Sonically, McVeigh is carving out her own unique lane within the country world. With a sound that “doesn’t fit with traditional country and also doesn’t fit with pop-country,” McVeigh’s music is fresh and thoughtful, giving listeners a distinct flavor of country music. McVeigh best describes her musical ethos as “an eclectic blend of sad covers.”

Fine Line marks the opening of the floodgates for McVeigh who plans to “release all the music (she’s) been hoarding.” As a result of an ever changing industry McVeigh is done waiting for the perfect moment to release her music and is instead “throwing caution to the wind” because there’s no reason to continue waiting.

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