6-Pack of Songs (April 4th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Never Til Now, Ashley Cooke, Brett Young- Already a beautifully stunning love song, Brett Young’s addition to the track allows Never Til Now to soar to new heights. The dynamic of Cooke and Young’s vocals adds an untapped element to the song, giving listeners a new lens through which to take in its beautiful simplicity.

5: Break Up Goin’ Down, Reid Haughton- Even though we should see it coming, we oftentimes naively delude ourselves into thinking an inevitable breakup might not happen. Haughton tells the story of such a case, where he thought he had at least a little more time to rectify his relationship before it all came crashing down. Once the naivete is worn off Haughton doesn’t want to be left with sugar coated platitudes, and instead would rather dive deeply into the sad abyss of this Break Up Goin Down.

4: Damn You, Ella Langley- This rocking number is a true marvel. Langley feels she’s ready to move on from her ex and get back to living her life, until she steps foot in the bar and realizes her ex is a lot closer to the top of her mind than she had thought. Langley feels his touch in her tequila and feels a regrettable decision coming on strong, to which she remarks Damn You.

3: You Just Get Older, Kyle Clark, Riley Roth- A show-stopping duet dripping with the harsh reality of moving on, While most subscribe to the idiom of time healing all wounds, there are certain times where the cliched response fails to ring true, and among these instances is heartbreak. No matter how much time goes by we are so often left trapped in the past even though we should be moving on by now. The vocals of Clark and Roth flow together seamlessly and the delivery from both is top tier.

2: Once in a Blue Moon, Triston Marez, Jenna Paulette- Yet another stunning duet, Once in a Blue Moon tells the stories of two friends who can’t seem to stay just that. Despite their best intentions and efforts, these two characters are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame, and the moon seems to blue a little more often than it should. Whether it’s drinking or idle thought that brings them together, once the thought of the other is on one’s mind there is no turning back this runaway train. Marez and Paulette sound incredible together and tell the all too relatable tale with an unmistakable sincerity.

1: Tattoos, Karley Scott Collins- Our first true heartbreak stings like no other. This is a lesson Collins found out the hard way. Used to the temporary sting that accompanies the end of a fling, Collins is overwhelmed when the blue of true heartbreak finally hits her and leaves looking for a way to wash off these Tattoos, painted in her “least favorite shade of blue.” Collins proves once again that she is both a superb lyricist and an otherworldly vocalist, as Tattoos is delivered in a masterful manner.

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