SixForty1 Talk Duo Origin, Musical Backgrounds

From their first meeting at Murray State University, Austin Gee and Brooks Hoffman knew they could be on to something. Although they initially met in the Fall of 2014, the duo didn’t begin writing songs together until the following summer, at which point SixForty1 was born. Boasting a vibrant and fresh ‘pop country’ sound, SixForty1’s new EP, Started Right Here takes listeners on a journey of love and heartache, on a project chock full of all too relatable lyrics.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with SixForty1 about their origin story, musical style, new EP, and more!

Worlds of Country: Once you met, how long did it take you to form SixForty1?

SixForty1:We met in the fall of 2014, but we actually didn’t start writing together until that next summer. After we got a few songs together we decided to start SixForty1. Took almost a year. We’ve always been procrastinators.

Worlds of Country: How did you realize that you fit stylistically?

SixForty1:We both knew of each other before we became friends and would play open mic nights and see who could bring the most people out. Just a little friendly competition. But we knew we would work well together from watching each other play.

Worlds of Country: Being from different musical backgrounds, how did you settle on the current sound of SixForty1?

SixForty1:It definitely took some trial and error over the years, but we really feel like we have found our sound. We come from diverse musical backgrounds, but a few artists stick out as influences. We also write with some talented people in town that play a significant part in our music.

Worlds of Country: How would you describe that sound?

SixForty1: We definitely have a pop country sound. We’re pushing a more progressive sound with our project we’re working on now.

Worlds of Country: What was the process of putting together your new EP, Started Right Here, like?

SixForty1: It came together after about a year of writing. After looking at the tracklist we noticed a trend between all of the songs. When you listen to the EP from start to finish it takes you through each stage of a relationship that ends up not working out. And eventually to the stage where you get over that person.

Worlds of Country: Is there one or two songs on the project that stick out as personal favorites?

SixForty1: Brooks – I love “Started Right Here” and “Me and Your Memory.”

Austin – “Never Gets Old” is my personal favorite. It feels like a fresh take on telling your person you still love them and the relationship is still as strong as it was in the beginning.

Worlds of Country: What’s next for SixForty1?

SixForty1: We plan on hitting the road a bunch and want to get as much music out as possible and as soon as possible. We love sharing what we’ve been working on behind the scenes whether it’s for a show or a new EP.

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