Arielle Eden Chases Reignited Musical Dreams

Arielle Eden always dreamt of pursuing her musical inklings. Eden’s journey to finally giving the dream a shot is a long and winding road that saw her put music on the backburner as she pursued a “more stable and practical career as a therapist.” The spark of a dreamer awoke in her towards the beginning of covid. Eden recalls thinking “it’s now or never” to give this thing a go.

Throughout her years away from music Eden continued to write songs, but once she decided to give the dream a real shot, she enrolled in Forest Glen Whitehead’s, Music City Playbook’s, Artist Launch Bootcamp. As a result of learning from Whitehead, Eden had the opportunity to write the hit songwriter himself, and from there Eden’s new single Signs and Signals was born.

Eden recalls bringing Whitehead the idea for and EP she had titled Signs and Signals. Equipped with a concept in mind, Eden remembers Whitehead asking her if she had written the project’s title tack yet. When Eden responded ‘no’, the two of them got to work penning a song that “zeroes in on some of the positive aspects in people that we sometimes overlook. Instead of not seeing red flags in this case it’s the green flags that we miss.” The concept of Signs and Signals is a fresh and unique take on relationships, and some of the Signs and Signals we all too often ignore.

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