Maren Morris Embarks on ‘Humble Quest’ of Self Discovery

Maren Morris’ third studio album is the clearest, and most definitive sign of the Texas raised superstar’s steadfast sonic ethos. Humble Quest is an incredibly strong project from a writing perspective, and one with a fresh, and new age production style that allows listeners to continue to learn about moves Morris musically. Morris’ embrace of self both musically, and more importantly personally is brave and refreshing, allowing listeners a clearer picture at Morris on a human level. With themes ranging from Morris’ journey in Nashville, to her love for husband, to her continued journey to finding her voice, Humble Quest is wide ranging and full of substantive subject matter.

Circles Around This Town opens the project up on an emotional, yet triumphant note, as Morris takes listeners on a trip down memory lane as she reminisces on her early struggles to gain traction in Nashville. The imagery on Circles Around This Town is clear and vivid, placing listeners in Morris’ “Montero with the ac busted” as they ride Circles Around This Town.

The Furthest Thing, I Can’t Love You Anymore, and What Would This World Do? are each stunningly beautiful love songs in their own right, bur What Would This World Do? is a true stunner and an early song of the year candidate. On What This Worlds Do? Morris runs through a litany of all the seemingly little things her husband does, that despite seeming miniscule leave a lasting impact, and leaves Morris wondering how the world would keep turning if he weren’t here.

The album’s other standout comes in the form of it’s stunning title track, Humble Quest. The title track is clear and articulate, as Morris details her journey to self-discovery and working up the nerve to speak up for what she believes in; regardless of whether she’s regarded as ‘polite’, Morris is simply over overlooking her feelings in order to fit the mold they attempted to craft for her.

Humble Quest marks Morris’ best album to date, the stirring lyrics and fresh production style are a cut above what Morris has put out previously. Humble Quest has a little something for everywhere, and the intriguing and diverse cast of tracks leaves listeners hooked from top to bottom.

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