A True Band of Brothers Holiday State Talks Brotherhood, New Single ‘Girl Behind The Bar’

A true band of brothers, chasing down their musical dreams together, Holiday State is here to tackle the ever changing of modern day country music. From the early days of their California upbringings, each of the DeLaura brothers had visions of a musical future, however, it wasn’t until their mother’s urging that they realized “that only way to do this was to do it together.”

Although they grew up in the same household, each of the DeLaura brothers was imbued with a love for a different style of music. The eclectic blend of their musical tastes has allowed the band to “experiment with their sound and find a style that is authentic to all of us.” With backgrounds ranging from RnB, to Rock, to Country, finding the right mix isn’t always an easy task, but the band feels their new single Girl Behind The Bar is a perfect encapsulation of what they’re aiming for.

Girl Behind The Bar “was written about the hidden dreamers amongst us. We were talking to a bartender at the bar one night and she told us about her dreams to move out to LA and become an actress, and that got us thinking of all the other people just like her out there also working jobs as stepping stones as they chase down their dreams.” The RnB influenced track combined with top notch Country writing create an irresistible ear worm, keeping listeners hooked throughout.

Holiday State plans to release more music in the comings months, including a new single Indio due out next month.

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