Tristan Tritt Grateful for Country Roots As He Embraces Rocking Edges

Country music may’ve seemed like a natural fit for Tristan Tritt, given the fact that his father is country music legend Travis Tritt. However, Tristan had other ideas in mind when he made the leap into the “family business”. Tristan’s heart has “always been in rock and roll” so he decided that “honoring that love for rock and roll was the only way I could honestly pursue this dream”.

Growing up as a “tour bus baby”, Tristan had the opportunity of learning the ropes of the music industry at a young age, helping him navigate many of the pitfalls that oftentimes befall up and coming artists. Tristan credits his musical upbringing for instilling many life lessons in him, chief among them “the hard work it takes to make it anywhere in this business”.

Living out in Georgia, Tristan has honed in on his rocking sound, defying the outside expectations to follow in his father’s footsteps. Tristan recalls the first few times he stepped out on stage and the nerves he felt when he decided to throw the audience this curveball. However, now Tristan has grown immensely comfortable as the rocker he is today. The ability to shake off outside expectations and get in his own head has allowed Tristan to take the next big step to ultimately getting where he wants to be.

Tristan’s debut single, Oblivion was written “about the first couple months of a relationship and the intensity of the early stage of love but also the feeling that you have in the back of your mind that if this falls apart you’ll slip into a downward spiral or an Oblivion“. Tristan describes the track as “a love song with a dark and eerie edge to it”. Oblivion leans into two of Tristan’s biggest musical influences Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins, and produces a sound that is similar yet uniquely Tristan.

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