Presley Tennant’s Gamble Pays Off

Initially drawn to the glitz and glamor of pop music, Presley Tennant always knew a musical future was in the cards. However, Tennant’s musical ethos really began taking shape when she decided to give country a chance, telling WoC “it seemed natural for me being from Norco which is horse country so country always felt right to me”. While, Tennant has always cherished the opportunities that music has provided her with, it wasn’t until her time on “The Voice” that she began to discover her own voice.

Tennant recalls Kelly Clarkson urging her “the most important thing it to know who you are at the end of the day”. While this lesson applies beyond just music, Clarkson’s guidance has stuck with Tennant to this day as she begins to unearth her endless potential in her own unique way. Tennant describes her style as “gritty jazzy country-rock” this eclectic blend allows Tennant to carve out her own mold instead of falling prey to the ever so tempting cookie-cutter.

Tennant’s brand new single, Gamble on You is a tremendous example of just who Tennant is quickly becoming. Tennant tells WoC that the idea for the single came as she “was watching tv on a trip to Nashville and looked up and saw that the poker channel was on. At the time I had just started talking to this guy and I thought oh poker, gamble, Gamble on You“. Tennant’s gamble has paid dividends as she tells WoC “that the boy I wrote it about is my boyfriend now and we’ve been together for about a year now”.

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