6-Pack of Songs (March 28th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Somewhere With Beer, Filmore: Filmore has a craving for some suds on this summertime jam. On the hunt for a good time, Filmore comes to the realization that in order to have some fun all he needs to do is find Somewhere With Beer and he’ll be all set. This track is oodles of fun and gets listeners craving summertime which is suddenly on the horizon.

5: Highway Boys, Zach Bryan: An anthem of self discovery and comfort, Highway Boys picks up where Leaving Austin left off, except now Bryan has learned to embrace the Highway Boys moniker as a positive instead of a pejorative. Bryan has learned to find comfort in his lifestyle and confidently articulate his faults to all those he leaves in the dust, because as it turns out Highway Boys don’t tend to stick around too long.

4: Changed, Taryn Papa: Love has a strange ability to change us either for the better or for the worse. In Papa’s case thankfully the change is for the better, as she finally allows her intensely guarded heart to fall for another and finds herself Changed. Beating back her trepidation for love allows Papa to discover a new kind of bliss she thought to be unimaginable. Papa’s vocal soars throughout the lovely written track adding a special warmth and dynamic to the lyrics.

3: Somebody Will, Christina Taylor: Tired of the mixed signals she’s been getting, Taylor is ready to break free from the hot and cold and find the love she truly deserves. An empowered and unapologetic Taylor is no longer willing to accept the bare minimum and knows that if her current man won’t give her what she needs, Somebody Will. Taylor’s stunning vocal booms throughout the RnB influenced rife with lyrics that are often all too relatable.

2: Wastin’ Whiskey, James Barker Band: No matter the quality or quantity of drink, sometimes whiskey doesn’t have the bite necessary to kick a heartbreak. In the case of JBB the “black label Band-Aid ain’t working” and pouring more alcohol on the lips of the wounded is doing a disservice to all, Wastin’ Whiskey. Wastin’ Whiskey speaks is an empathetic and relatable take on the post breakup blues we’ve all come to know.

1: Missing You, Nick Wayne: A true stunning and beautifully written track about missing the ones we love most when they’re not around. Whether it’s for a few hours, a few days, or more, Wayne can’t help from missing his wife and hopes that his yearning won’t be used against him. Wayne’s natural raspy vocal is the perfect compliment to the exquisitely written love song, adding a richness to the already superb track.

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