Abby Anderson Embraces Independence and Authenticity on ‘Be That Girl’ (EP)

For many being an independent artist is a scary thought, however Abby Anderson has learned to embrace the unknown and has gotten back to making the music she loves ever since she leaving her record deal. Anderson’s Be That Girl is a great of example of the art that gets made when freedom meets creativity. Featuring five tracks each espousing a unique tinge of vulnerability and realness, Be That Girl soars towards the top of the list of the best project’s released so far this year.

Photo Credit: Alex Berger

Where Did All The Cowboys Go opens the project a somber high note as Anderson wonders where all the good men have gone. Written by Anderson along with Josh Kerr and Troy Verges, Where Did All The Cowboys Go opens the floodgates for a project oozing with emotion. Insecure is a beautifully written song about Anderson’s journey to rediscovering herself and her confidence following a breakup, as Anderson soars through the sass tinged, self embracing track. Be That Girl picks where Insecure left off, as Anderson has now fully embraced the many sides of who she is and is left confidently in her ability to Be That Girl.

Bad Posture marks a personal favorite of mine, as Anderson emotionally wanders through another stage of self discovery. Bad Posture features Anderson reminiscing on all the ways she would put her needs last in order to please others, and how she would put her own happiness on the backburner as long as it made others happy. However, Anderson is no longer content living with the reality of shrinking herself to make others feel taller and is now ready to trade in her Bad Posture and start standing up straight once again. The project closes on a sad, albeit hopeful note with Even The Stars as Anderson seeks to find a ray of light in the darkness following a breakup. Anderson comes to the realization that if Even The Stars burn out one day, so too must the linger memory of her ex love.

Photo Credit: Alex Berger

Be That Girl is a tight and compressive project that takes listeners on an emotional journey with each and every song. Loaded with emotions ranging from sadness to strength, Anderson tells each story a ferocious authenticity that keeps listeners hanging on for the journey’s next twist.

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