Kellye Rather Puts Somber Twist on Rock-Country with New Single ‘Leather Jacket’

For some there’s no escaping once the musical bug starts to take hold. This was the case for Kellye Rather, who despite initially pursuing a career in nursing, was lured back to music by the bug that just wouldn’t let her go. Rather is quite glad it did, as she is now in Nashville chasing down her dream and not left pondering the perennial “what if’s”. 

Growing up Rather was “a fearless performer” and would always mange to find a way to become “the center of attention”, stoking her undying love for music. However, Rather came to realize that should she ever pursue music professionally she “had to work on songwriting”. Rather recalls spending her first Nashville co-writes “almost like an observer looking to see what I can learn from all the great writers in town and learning what I could contribute to the room”. Rather is glad she put in the work and feels that it has helped her grow immensely as an artist.

While, Rather prides herself as a writer her brand new single Leather Jacket is an outside cut, one which made Rather say “I wish I wrote that”. From her first time hearing the song Rather felt it was perfect for her, telling WoC that uses her “Leather Jacket to look strong on the outside if when on the inside we’re all kind of lonely”. Give that a Leather Jacket is her self proclaimed “uniform”, Rather knew she had to make this song her own and put a fresh somber twist on the incredibly well written track.

Rather, is excited for more new music on the way telling WoC “I have two more singles that are ready to go and more that I want to record”, and she hopes “others hear their stories in (her) music”.

Check out Leather Jacket here on your favorite streaming platform!!

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