Hunter Girl Shows Off Honest and Clever Songwriting on ‘One Day’ (EP)

Rooted in honest and clever storytelling, Hunter Girl’s One Day EP is a true testament to what modern country music is all about. The project features five songs each with a unique story arch, Girl makes the seemingly unrelated stories flow seamlessly, crafting a project this is cogent, coherent and most importantly fresh.

The project opener, Heartbreak Down clearly articulates Girl’s songwriting prowess and her penchant for clever wordplay. The back and forth between whether Girl would live this Heartbreak Down and ultimately make sure she doesn’t let her “heart break down” leaves listeners hooked and mesmerized throughout the project’s opening track. Better Than Mine is another song centered around the power of the heart, except this time it’s not her own heart Girl is worried about. Seeing her ex with a new woman makes Girl reminisce on how treated her and how in order to make his new relationship work he better treat her hurt better than he did hers. Girl’s tender vocal and authentic vocal makes Better Than Mine a true standout on a project full of worthy contenders.

Featuring the project’s most infectious hook, Houdini is also the project’s most poppy track. The fun upbeat production mixed with the snark and snarl of the lyrics makes Houdini simply irresistible, leaving listeners bound to belt out the utterly infectious hook. Feel remarks on the beginning stages of a healthy relationship for those that have experienced unhealthy love before, and how the love we think we’ve felt in the past pales in comparison to all the feelings we Feel Now. The project closer and title track One Day is a truly remarkably written love song. Reminiscent of Dan+Shay’s From The Ground Up, One Day espouses the beauty of and also the hardworking needed to make a forever kind of love last forever, or in this case “forever minus One Day“.

The project takes listeners on a complete emotional journey and through relatable lyrics and irresistible hooks, Girl leaves listeners with a lasting impression and a yearning for more!

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