Dariann Leigh Left Wondering on ‘Leave’

We all have those people that enter our life one minute and the next they’re gone, their entry and exit both seem equally inexplicable. We’re often left changed by this mystery person’s short stint in our lives. Dariann Leigh knows this feeling all too well, wondering why people Leave and what lessons they may have been sent to teach us. Leigh’s new single, Leave covers this feeling and the accompanying wondering extensively. Leigh tells WoC that “Leave was written about those people that come into your life and change your opinions and your outlook on life and then poof they’re gone”. Leigh’s incredible vocal aids the masterfully written and all too relatable track.

Leigh recalls writing “Leave in the middle of 2020 over zoom with Charly Reynolds and Kamryn Palmer” and “knowing right away that one of use had to cut this song”. Leigh is beyond grateful that she’s the one that got it to and admits that “this song has been burning a whole in my pocket for the last two years” and while it was hard to wait “she’s happy that it’s coming out at the right time” after being remastered and rerecorded. Leigh is ecstatic that Leave is finally out in the world and hopes that “listeners will walk away feeling understood”.

Leigh is excited for Leave and the rest of the music she plans to put out over the course of the year. Telling WoC that “this is going to be a big a year for me putting out new music”.

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